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2   on Oct 9, 2019
rode 13.8 miles at Papago Park Area

Loose via Strava   on Oct 8, 2019
rode 24.2 miles at Trail 1A

King of carrot flower via Strava   on Oct 6, 2019
rode 16.7 miles at Wren Arena Red Loop Trail

Something was explosive and it wasn’t my legs via Strava   on Oct 2, 2019
rode 14.7 miles at Papago Park Area

Cold morning via Strava   on Sep 28, 2019
rode 25.8 miles at McDowell Mountain Park

didn't expect to set any PRs today via Strava   on Sep 25, 2019
rode 15.2 miles at Papago Park Area

Legs are feeling sooooo good via Strava   on Sep 24, 2019
rode 27.3 miles at Trail 1A

Good memories from the west side of pmp via Strava   on Sep 22, 2019
rode 16.8 miles at Pioneer Park Trails

3rd via Strava   on Sep 22, 2019
rode 10.3 miles at Pioneer Park Trails

Warmup via Strava   on Sep 17, 2019
rode 17.6 miles at Trail 1A

to [soft] serve and not to count the cost via Strava   on Sep 14, 2019
rode 16.3 miles at Pioneer Park Trails

I’m excited for this course via Strava   on Sep 11, 2019
rode 14.3 miles at Papago Park Area

???????? via Strava   on Sep 10, 2019
rode 20.5 miles at Trail 1A

Ha! I’ve been working for that switchback kom via Strava   on Sep 8, 2019
rode 17.9 miles at Soldiers Loop / Fairgrounds trails

First MTB win via Strava   on Sep 4, 2019
rode 14 miles at Papago Park Area

Hmmm watermelon. Looks familiar via Strava   on Sep 3, 2019
rode 11.2 miles at Trail 1A

Way too hot for me via Strava   on Aug 31, 2019
rode 23.3 miles at Browns Ranch to Granite Mountain

Some parts were very scary via Strava   on Jul 30, 2019
rode 16.2 miles at Trail 1A

Coyote smelt my beef jerky via Strava   on Jul 25, 2019
rode 12 miles at Trail 1A

Wait, does ben have a tire lever? via Strava   on Jul 23, 2019
rode 17.6 miles at Trail 1A

Im a lean mean sweating machine via Strava   on Jul 18, 2019
rode 8.2 miles at Trail 1A

Visualize yourself riding thru the ocotillo that blocks the only line via Strava   on Jul 17, 2019
rode 40.9 miles at Pima Road and Dynamite Blvd

Watch for animals via Strava   on Jul 16, 2019
rode 6.2 miles at Trail 1A

Bee got stuck in helmet and stung me. ‘Twas fun via Strava   on Jul 14, 2019
rode 28 miles at Pemberton Loop

4 broken crank bolts and 1 rock stuck in a light. Not me via Strava   on Jul 11, 2019
rode 10 miles at Trail 1A

Lots of climbs in honor of the first mountain stage of the tdf via Strava   on Jun 27, 2019
rode 7.7 miles at Trail 1A

Making weird noises keeps me from crashing via Strava   on Jun 26, 2019
rode 47.6 miles at Papago Park Area

Rode with Taylor Lideen + ride to & from via Strava   on Jun 24, 2019
rode 17.4 miles at Desert Classic

I feel like I’m back at ground zero with confidence on the trails via Strava   on Jun 12, 2019
rode 16.1 miles at Hawes Loop

First MTB ride in 6 months... I’m super rusty via Strava   on Feb 23, 2019
rode 10.5 miles at Granite Mountain Loop

Afternoon Ride via Strava
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