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The only one I have ridden, cause I don’t know what I’ve ridden in Pisgah or DuPont. I am a fairly good rider, though 62 years old. Bent Creek, beginner friendly? I don’t know about that. Greens Lick and some of the inner trails to get there are maybe beginner friendly to North Carolinians, it…
You forgot the most important detail. What are the most durable socks. It’s demoralizing to spend upwards to $20 a pair and have them go south in a limited amount of uses.
bikefoole   on Sep 15, 2017
commented on Top-Rated Mountain Bike Handlebars of 2017
First, Surly bars are one of the stupid attempts at ergonomics. Second, too bad true ergonomics aren't more investigated and presented. That was one of the things that is going to alow me to ride as long as I can walk. I'm 60 years old. The long term standard in mountain bars created a bad…
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