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Las Vegas // Nevada

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bluejudad   on Jun 24, 2013
added a photo
Rainbow Rim Trail (North Rim of Grand Canyon, AZ)
bluejudad   on Jan 9, 2013
added 2 photos.
Descending the 'Mexican Steps' During the SNMBA Group Ride at Coyote Springs MTB Park, NV.
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bluejudad   on Jan 4, 2013
added a photo
Sedona in the snow on the last day of 2012! And is that "The World's Most Interesting Man"?
bluejudad   on Dec 24, 2012
added a photo
Kibbles'n Bits Trail on the Cowboy Trail System in Red Rock Canyon Nevada. Rider is RodneyMTB.
bluejudad   on Sep 25, 2012
added a review of Thunder Mountain

Stunningly scenic. Techy in areas. A bunch of ups and downs with high level switch backs. Only negative is the...
bluejudad   on Jul 23, 2012
added 2 photos.
My son gazing upon surreal single track on the Hardesty Trail during our participation in this past weekend's Mountain Bike...
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bluejudad   on Apr 12, 2009
added 12 photos.
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bluejudad   on Apr 12, 2009
added a review of Gooseberry Mesa

Wow!! Outstanding. Most challenging trail I have ever experienced, with beautiful scenery, varied terrain, and outstanding views. The trail is...
bluejudad   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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