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bluejudad   on Jun 24, 2013
added a photo
Rainbow Rim Trail (North Rim of Grand Canyon, AZ)
bluejudad   on Jan 9, 2013
added 2 photos.
Descending the 'Mexican Steps' During the SNMBA Group Ride at Coyote Springs MTB Park, NV.
bluejudad   on Jan 4, 2013
added a photo
Sedona in the snow on the last day of 2012! And is that "The World's Most Interesting Man"?
bluejudad   on Dec 24, 2012
added a photo
Kibbles'n Bits Trail on the Cowboy Trail System in Red Rock Canyon Nevada. Rider is RodneyMTB.
bluejudad   on Sep 25, 2012
added a review of Thunder Mountain

Stunningly scenic. Techy in areas. A bunch of ups and downs with high level switch backs. Only negative is the...
bluejudad   on Jul 23, 2012
added 2 photos.
My son gazing upon surreal single track on the Hardesty Trail during our participation in this past weekend's Mountain Bike...
bluejudad   on Apr 12, 2009
added 12 photos.
bluejudad   on Apr 12, 2009
added a review of Gooseberry Mesa

Wow!! Outstanding. Most challenging trail I have ever experienced, with beautiful scenery, varied terrain, and outstanding views. The trail is...
bluejudad   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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