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johannesburg // SOUTH AFRICA

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love cycling want to learn more about my MTB and also tips for fittness

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sorry to hear that greg im not finished with school and im already learning panel beating spraypainting timing and basic maintenance its yrue that there are bicycle mechanics and i admit i still wont go as far as rebuilding my wheels of my mtb but there are multiple factors like community ad mentioned in ur…
great post greg its true that mountain biking is expencive i have no job as i am still in school and upgrading my mtb witha monthly allowance will take me atleast 4 years of saving just for a fork upgrade so for now ill have to stick with my exploded views of my forks and…
Great post Greg and very accurate too South africa is one of those countries that is also a bit lacking in the mountain bike communities i only know of 3 decent bicycle shops within 50 km of my home and the nearest trial is about 2 hours drive away more than half the cyclests i…
well the roads of my town are pretty beat up and full of junk my 2 most recent punctures were a drywall screw and a nail and this is why am still running tubes so half the list doesnt even apply to me but iether way great list if you are living somewhere with a…
well i am still in my teens but if an injury arises i bite the bullet and go buy another videogame (this is my otherway of relieving stress)during this exam i found myself doing atleast 40km a day on my commuter bike witch is also my mtb just to get rid of the stress but…
Fanbelt   on Oct 19, 2016
added a review of Shimano Deore XT RD-M772

worksgreat smooth shifting ( tho a little delayed nothing a little adjustment cant fix) i have it set up with a...
Fanbelt   on Oct 15, 2016
commented on How-to: Mountain Bike Wheel Building 101
if i go and try to build or rebuild an wheel id destroy it geuss ill have to start learning but other thing is i dont have an truing stand and none of the bicycle shops in my area sell them i had my bike for around 10 months now and the wheels really need…
that costs about the same as my bike ill have to wait till i finish school get a job and still save for 2 yrs straight to buy that set
and i am also glad i am running with tubes because that nail hit my rim pretty hard
and here i am i never really did any trial cycling or alot of xc its more common to find me on the road as the nearest trial to my house is about 100 km away as am still a teenager i have to ask my parents to take me there so am always looking…
hehe at the moment its only riding on road for me no jogging or xc but hey wont be long till i can start again
Fanbelt   on Oct 3, 2016
added a review of Schwalbe Rapid Rob

lightweight little puncture protection lots of grip
Fanbelt   on Sep 11, 2016
added a photo of CYCLONE ULTRALITE 29ER
Fanbelt   on Sep 11, 2016
GREAT BIKE frame is sturdy and light it is an aluminum alloy frame
Fanbelt   on Sep 11, 2016
added a photo
most of the parts og my mtb i have found here i am struggling to find the origin of the...
Fanbelt   on Sep 6, 2016
added a review of Tektro Draco

awesome breaking power reliable
Fanbelt   on Sep 6, 2016
added a review of SUNringle Inferno 25

as a wheel it works
Fanbelt   on Sep 6, 2016
added a review of Truvativ Stylo T20

allowes for easyand accurate adjustment of my stylo t10 handlebar
Fanbelt   on Sep 6, 2016
added a review of Sr Suntour XCM

affordable has lockout function
Fanbelt   on Sep 6, 2016
added a review of Shimano RD-M592

works great
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