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PinhotiPlayground   on Oct 14, 2018
added a review of Yonah Preserve

Rode this for the first time today. Definately built with XC in mind. Not much elevation or gnar, but fast...
Too rad! I just watched a NatGeo special on the Patagonia region, and decided to add a visit there to my bucket list. Guess I'll have to bring my bike too.
I would add NICA, or your local NICA-sponsored state league.  Being a NICA coach myself, I might be a bit biased :)
1996 Gary Fischer Tassajara.  Was still riding it up until last October, when I was rear-ended while carrying the bike on my rack, and the chainstays were bent.
You can also change up your ride style. I've gone back to my local trails and challenged myself to ride in different ways, such as in my big ring up front only, or single-speed only.
Ouch! Something like that nearly happened to me not too long ago, but the fallen tree was a little closer to the ground, and I was able to hop over it.
I'm still running tubes so I'll definitely give these a try.
Riding while high seems like a bad idea to me, but you be you. Just try not to crash in front of me :)
Freakin' hilarious. Seriously, it sounded like he was on a torture rack.
PinhotiPlayground   on May 22, 2017
added a photo
King of the Mountain - Top of Climb to Bear Creek Overlook, Ellijay, GA
PinhotiPlayground   on May 16, 2017
added 2 photos.
Why I Ride
Damn. I think I'd rather bust my twig and berries on the top tube in a crash then go through that. Brutal.
Sorry Marin. Here in North Georgia, we're building trails left and right, and no endangered animals are being displaced. Seems you guys might be a bit out of balance.
Date night on Friday night. No matter what, I treat my wife to date night on Friday night. Food, drink, and adult conversation. Happy wife = happy life, including ability to escape on my bike. Also, as you have said, take some time that you would go riding, and spend it on your SO. Go…
I guess I'm just a crusty old bastard now, but I don't ever see myself on a powered bike. I certainly don't begrudge anybody who would though.
Personally, I like to participate in off-road duathlons. There are several offered in N. Georgia every year and they cater to all fitness levels.
The socialization benefits are as important as the physical and mental ones. Our NICA events in Hall County, GA, both practices and races, are like family gatherings. The kids really do enjoy each other's company and it really shows when you see a high school senior rider taking the time to mentor a freshman, or…
Who's the "Jerry" when you have to hike-a-bike 10 miles out, dragging your wreckage behind you because you clipped a rock and didn't notice. You were shifting into granny for that grueling climb ahead and BANG!!!, your rear wheel has eaten your chain and rear mech because you removed the dork disk. I say, come…
PinhotiPlayground   on Apr 18, 2017
added a review of Chicopee Woods

Good XC trails. I've been riding these trails for years and I thought they were excellent, until I recently rode...
What an a-hole. Sounds like a case of roid rage to me.
PinhotiPlayground   on Mar 17, 2017
replied to Favorite Songs to Ride To?
Not on the trails, but on the ride over... Nirvana - "Downer" STP - "Sex Type Thing" Foo Fighters - "Wattershed"  
I use a a seatpost-mounted bag for my tube, parktool, wallet, and keys.  I keep my pump in my jersey's squirrel pouch and I use the frame mounts for water bottles.
I myself dusted off my 20 year old Gary Fischer Tassajara to join NICA as a volunteer with the North Georgia composite team. My son is racing for Gainesville Middle School, and so far he loves it. The season kicks off September 11th, and we're looking forward to it.
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