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Kevin Mills   on Jan 12, 2018
commented on a photo of Fantasy Island
I found your comments interesting about how you use podcasts to better connect with your Singletracks audience. The Beatles did the same thing when they filmed themselves miming with their instruments to their music to better connect with the fans. Because they were always touring it was the only way some fans would ever see…
America is the worst place to mountain bike. If you are not being arrested you are being shot at or stabbed. The only we have to worry about in Australia is Emus and Kangaroos. You guys should down here where it's safe.
Kevin Mills   on Jan 7, 2018
replied to Best online shop to get upgrades?
I use Facebook cycling buyer/seller groups. I have always had luck selling my stuff. I once sold a Garmin 520 in about 15 minutes after posting the ad.
Good write-up Jeff! One thing i learnt recently is that hard grips can be more comfortable than soft grips regarding arm pump (pins and needles in the forearms and hands). Soft grips tend to encourage the rider to squeeze harder whereas harder grips allow the rider to use a more relaxed hold.
There is so much in there Greg and definitely a lot to think about. How many nights did lay awake thinking all this up? :) Are you aware you can edit Wikipedia articles? You should challenge their article with your own. I think the biggest problem is that you insist on calling it "mountain biking".…
Is this really what it's like in America these days? Everyone running around in the wilderness with knives and guns trying to kill each other? I don't want to come to America anymore :( Americans need to grow a brain and start acting like the rest of the world. If you guys really need some…
"I often do extended hike-a-bike sections on my rides. Many of the trails in Mongolia on the mountain slopes are too steep to climb..." Sounds like you need an e-bike.
Kevin Mills   on Dec 27, 2017
commented on Over a Beer: Passion Leads to Tension
Good to see the GT out again. I thought you had given up on her.
Kevin Mills   on Dec 26, 2017
replied to What's wrong with my tyre?
I have been thinking of making one of these. Thanks for the insight of the flawed design! The idea is sound but maybe change the width and height of the wheel slots. ...
Kevin Mills   on Dec 24, 2017
replied to What's wrong with my tyre?
Thanks guys. I just thought it was a bit odd that it wore on the sides instead of the contact area. I have to admit though that i have definitely got my...
Kevin Mills   on Dec 24, 2017
started a topic: What's wrong with my tyre?
I saw the below yesterday and have never seen this before on a bicycle tyre. My first thought is sidewall failure which based on my experience with motorbikes is caused by a...
I used to buy all my bike stuff from them until i realised other online stores can deliver faster. Why wait 2-3 weeks when i can get the same in 2-3 days? The...
It really depends on how you define "net neutrality". The problem we have now is that the internet is unregulated so mega-corporations like Google and Facebook can grow without limitations to the...
Kevin Mills   on Dec 11, 2017
commented on a photo of Preston Railroad Grade Trail
Moody monotone. Fancy.
Kevin Mills   on Dec 9, 2017
replied to DIY LiPo lights.
I agree, it's definitely possible: To be honest i can't be bothered with all the messing around. There is too much i already have to worry about with prep and maintenance. Worrying...
Argumentative bike shops does it for me. I am at the stage with my mountain biking where i am experienced enough to know what i want. I know what works and doesn't work...
That Yeti is my dream bike! But in the land of downunder we have something called "Australia Tax" which makes anything like this a no go. The tax is basically where importers...
Thanks for talking me out of using a rc car battery for a makeshift bike light. I really appreciate it.
Kevin Mills   on Dec 2, 2017
replied to Giant Stance 1 vs. Trance 3
@Aaron. Please don't be this person  : /
Living in Australia i am worried about the support i would have if i had a problem with a bike. I assume it would be the same for you in South Africa....
Kevin Mills   on Nov 24, 2017
commented on a photo of Logan River Trail
That's not a fat bike - it's a dam bike :)
So what pizza did you end up getting? Can you write up a review? With photos?
Kevin Mills   on Nov 22, 2017
commented on a photo of Vail Mountain Bike Park
Pretty! Where is that?
Kevin Mills   on Nov 20, 2017
replied to Awkward Moment. What do you do?
"what if he smoked cigarettes while riding without a helmet? Is he a bad person?" Yes.
Greg, have you tried hammocks? I use a Hennessy Explorer and think it's ultra durable and basically brilliant.
Kevin Mills   on Nov 16, 2017
replied to Awkward Moment. What do you do?
"First-responders volunteer of their own accord. No-one is forcing anyone to clean up someone else’s mess. Honestly, that’s like..." With an attitude like that the volunteers might suddenly stop volunteering.
Kevin Mills   on Nov 17, 2017
replied to Awkward Moment. What do you do?
Slightly unrelated but... Once when riding i came across 2 people on the trail. One had a puncture and neither had a spare tube. I immediately pulled out my only spare tube and...
Kevin Mills   on Nov 16, 2017
replied to DIY LiPo lights.
Thanks. I think you might have just talked me out of it. I just assumed the switch would be in the light? I'm thinking maybe LiPo would be problematic because you cannot...
Kevin Mills   on Nov 16, 2017
replied to Just about to upgrade but what bike??
Living in isolated New Zealand in my opinion you are better off sticking with the big 3 brands (Trek, Giant, Specialised) so you have support if something goes wrong. In Australia i...
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