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  • in reply to: Best online shop to get upgrades? #232300

    I use Facebook cycling buyer/seller groups. I have always had luck selling my stuff. I once sold a Garmin 520 in about 15 minutes after posting the ad.

    “I often do extended hike-a-bike sections on my rides. Many of the trails in Mongolia on the mountain slopes are too steep to climb…”

    Sounds like you need an e-bike.

    in reply to: What's wrong with my tyre? #231625

    I have been thinking of making one of these. Thanks for the insight of the flawed design! The idea is sound but maybe change the width and height of the wheel slots.  The fit doesn’t need to be tight and you could also use foam or something similar to protect your bike.

    in reply to: What's wrong with my tyre? #231568

    Thanks guys. I just thought it was a bit odd that it wore on the sides instead of the contact area. I have to admit though that i have definitely got my monies worth out of them. 3 years of combined road and offroad use and they still have a pretty good tread. I have no problem buying premium instead of budget tires. But i cannot recommend these particular tires to anyone as they are nigh impossible to seal tubeless.

    in reply to: Chain Reaction Cycles. Opinions/experience? #231459

    I used to buy all my bike stuff from them until i realised other online stores can deliver faster. Why wait 2-3 weeks when i can get the same in 2-3 days?

    The one thing they are good at though is offering refunds. I regularly buy clothing in different sizes and send back the ones i don’t want for a full refund. Also i bought a pair of Oakley sunglasses which i hated and immediately sent back for a no questions asked refund.

    It really depends on how you define “net neutrality”. The problem we have now is that the internet is unregulated so mega-corporations like Google and Facebook can grow without limitations to the point where they can simply assimilate any new competition that arises (WhatsApp, Instagram). This sucks if you hate Google and Facebook as much as i do. Maybe net neutrality doesn’t exist and is simply a liberal feel good fantasy. Maybe regulation of the net is a good idea in that we can tax the mega-corporations to limit their size.

    in reply to: DIY LiPo lights. #230541

    I agree, it’s definitely possible:

    To be honest i can’t be bothered with all the messing around. There is too much i already have to worry about with prep and maintenance. Worrying about powermeters, computers, lights, clothing and everything else is getting a bit much. I am trying to adopt a more minimalist approach to my riding.

    I am lucky enough that i live in the desert where the night sky is almost always crystal clear which allows me to use minimalist lighting effectively. My Bontrager Ion 700r should be more than enough.

    in reply to: What frustrates you most about mountain biking? #230356

    Argumentative bike shops does it for me.

    I am at the stage with my mountain biking where i am experienced enough to know what i want. I know what works and doesn’t work for me based on how and where i ride. So I need this particular part, i have done my research, i have the money and i know exactly what i want. I go into my bike shop to buy X but they recommend Y instead. I spend the next 30 minutes arguing with them. It’s friggin annoying. So annoying i order my stuff online so i don’t have to interact with them.

    That Yeti is my dream bike! But in the land of downunder we have something called “Australia Tax” which makes anything like this a no go. The tax is basically where importers markup the prices extortionately. An example is a Santa Cruz 5010 i was looking at which sold for $3500USD in America but in Australia it was priced at $5500USD. Our one and only importer imports all the cool bikes so there is nothing we can do about it, which means me it is strictly Trek, Giant and Specialized.

    in reply to: Giant Stance 1 vs. Trance 3 #229994

    @Aaron. Please don’t be this person  : /

    Related image

    in reply to: 2018 Trek Top Fuel or 2018 Specialized Epic #229445

    Living in Australia i am worried about the support i would have if i had a problem with a bike. I assume it would be the same for you in South Africa. For this reason i would skip the “exotic” Santa Cruz, Ibis, Kona type bikes and stick with the big 3. If South Africa is anything like Australia (i think it is) you want a bike that pedals well because of the vast distances you will probably end up riding. Maybe you could try a Trance? I have seen people race XC (non competitive) on them.

    in reply to: Awkward Moment. What do you do? #229157

    “what if he smoked cigarettes while riding without a helmet? Is he a bad person?”


    in reply to: Awkward Moment. What do you do? #229030

    Slightly unrelated but…

    Once when riding i came across 2 people on the trail. One had a puncture and neither had a spare tube. I immediately pulled out my only spare tube and put it in their bike and all the while they were immersed in their private conversation. I even pumped it up. Once done they jumped on their bikes and rode off without any kind of thank you. Not verbally, not even a smile glance. I’m sick of being taken for granted by people who only care about their own selfish needs and wants. If i come across people like this again they can walk home.

    in reply to: Awkward Moment. What do you do? #229029

    “First-responders volunteer of their own accord. No-one is forcing anyone to clean up someone else’s mess. Honestly, that’s like…”

    With an attitude like that the volunteers might suddenly stop volunteering.

    in reply to: DIY LiPo lights. #228970

    Thanks. I think you might have just talked me out of it. I just assumed the switch would be in the light? I’m thinking maybe LiPo would be problematic because you cannot fully discharge a LiPo battery. It might be dangerous.

    in reply to: Just about to upgrade but what bike?? #228969

    Living in isolated New Zealand in my opinion you are better off sticking with the big 3 brands (Trek, Giant, Specialised) so you have support if something goes wrong. In Australia i have had issues with certain companies not giving me the support i would have if i were living elsewhere. I can only imagine for you it would be worse. Enjoy your Trek 😉

    in reply to: Just about to upgrade but what bike?? #228883

    Short answer: go Trek. They make the best bikes in the world – end of discussion. Scott is lame 😉

    Long answer: I agree that you haven’t really given enough information for anyone to really give any meaningful insight. But if it were me i would start with a common trail bike. A typical trail bike would be a Trek Fuel Ex or a Giant Trance. A trail bike is designed to be an all rounder and should be enough for maybe 90% (?) of all riders. If you find it doesn’t cope well if you are riding rougher/aggressive then go up to something more robust such as a Remedy or Reign. But you might also find that even a trail might feel like its too much so you would go with something with a bit more finesse such as a Top Fuel or Anthem. The trick is to find the right amount of bike for what you ride – having too much travel is as bad as not having enough. Also i think for a beginner you should stick to the big brands so you get a brand guarantee.

    I am a Trek Fuel Ex person myself.

    in reply to: What was your first mountain bike? #228770

    I had a GT Backwoods. I think 1998. It was black with gold decals. I turned my Backwoods into a urban bike in 2005 by putting on 2 inch slicks and a Bomber suspension fork. I had it and rode it until 2013 when i bought a GT Zaskar. Then i gave it a funeral 😉

    in reply to: Awkward Moment. What do you do? #228769

    This is one of those situations where you can either turn a blind eye when you see a problem or intervene. If that was me in this instance i would tell him straight –  wear a helmet and stop being selfish! I wouldn’t be nice.

    I hate people like this. They think it’s great to do whatever they like but expect other people to clean up the mess when something happens.

    The problem with intervention is that you will most likely get a mouthful so i can understand why no one wants to step up. But if no one steps up how will the problem get fixed? Dilemma :<

    in reply to: What is going on with the GT brand? #227542

    I haven’t seen a recent GT review for their bikes which gives the impression they don’t care enough about themselves to send out test bikes to reviewers. This is a shame because i have had GT’s in succession for all my adult life and am looking for a new bike. How do their bikes compare to other bikes? Have they been updated? I need information!

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