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...whoops - that was supposed to be 2 thumbs-up emoji's, but posted as a bunch of question marks instead. ?! So yeah - 2 thumbs-up on your reply...
Totally agree!!!! I'm well into "middle age" - ha - and don't think I'll ever really grow up. All I want to do is ride. Do what makes you happy. Peter Pan Syndrome? Hell yeah! : )
Yeah, i agree. What a totally smooth SHREDDER. I also really love the Street Sweeper video
bicycle640   on Mar 23, 2016
added a comment on Watch: The Pros Take the Hard Lines on Captain Ahab
I love all the Nate Hills follow cam vids! These are a nice change from the usual cliché mtb vids,...
Faves available in the bay area: Racer 5 from Bear Republic Drakes IPA and Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Pale and Hop Hunter...
bicycle640   on Aug 13, 2014
added a comment on The Type 2 Derailleur: Upgrade Your Drivetrain
I went from a single-speed to 1x9 setup on my SIR 9 a few years ago, and rarely drop a...
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