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Matthews // North Carolina

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Gummy worms? Heck, I just eat real worms. Just catch 'em as you go. Plus, they're high in protein.
Seth is a beast--riding a trail like that without knee pads. Definitely more of a caveman than I.
I live in NC, and so we mountain bike around plenty of bears. Looked to me like the bear was actually chasing the first guy on the bike, but when that second guy on the bike came barreling up behind in at full speed ahead, at the same time yelling at the bear, the bear…
Carolinadude   on Feb 12, 2017
added 2 photos.
Come for the natural beauty as well as the great mountain bike trails.
Not trying to start a debate, Aaron, just trying to be helpful. I saw the article that Seth had put together, and given that I’ve spent many years behind the lens as a commercial/advertising photographer, I wanted to make a few clarifications. If you go back and read my comment above you’ll see that I’m…
Here you go, Seth and Aaron. Click on the link I provided and scroll down to the section titled "Changes in the Apparent Speed of Objects." Hope this helps.
You're probably thinking that given Seth’s video, my above comment doesn't make sense. But wide angle lenses, like on the GoPro, make it look like you’re riding faster than you are—compared to how it would look through your naked eye. Compared to how you see things with your naked eye (as the rider) speed and…
Great video, Seth. I don't own a GoPro, and so I just thought that every last person on the planet that posted a video shredded ten times harder and faster than me. I feel a whole lot better now, lol.
I sometimes hear guys yelling STRAVA! I, however, like to yell out the words CANDY CRUSH SAGA, as I look down at my phone, just to mess with people's minds.
Carolinadude   on Sep 6, 2016
added a review of Giant Stance 27.5 2

Nimble, climbs great, 120mm front and back, good for both cross country and trail.
Funny you say that, Jim. South Main Cycles in Belmont NC has craft beer bar right in the store. Bought my Giant mountain bike there.
My bear spray shots 30 feet.
Having a conversation with you is akin to the Abbott & Costello Who's on First comedy routine. I’m afraid if...
Just because they’re concerned for the safety of their kids on the trail does not mean they want to make...
I'm not sure why you think people are disrespecting you just because they give their opinion. And I specifically specified...
Actually, guns can go off if you drop them. I can show you numerous other incidences like this one. And,...
Or how many grams do you lose when your loaded .45 accidentally discharges and blows your pedals off ;)
As for mountain lions/cougars.
Yeah, I wrote a comment about that above. It's a problem along the backroads of western North Carolina for sure....
As long as you're safety conscious then you’re correct, you and you alone deal with the repercussions. But given the...
Yes, you would have time to get out your bear spray. Also, see my comment above. I was saved from...
Yeah, not a good idea to strap a handgun to your handlebars, lol.
Carolinadude   on Dec 30, 2015
added a comment on Iron Horse - A Redemption Story
That was a wonderful story, Maureen. Thanks for sharing.
Carolinadude   on Dec 10, 2015
added 2 photos.
Colonel Francis Beatty Park is a singletrack mountain bike trail
Carolinadude   on Dec 10, 2015
added a review of Park-rd. Short Trails.

Great trail close to Charlotte. Good for both beginners and advanced riders. My ten year old rides here and the...
Carolinadude   on Aug 22, 2015
created a My Trails
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