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As an engineer I like seeing companies innovating and coming up with new products. As I rider it seems like the cost/benefit analysis would not support a $3000+ upgrade. Unless you already had a top of the line bike, I think the money would be better spend on other upgrades. Either way, bravo to Fox…
If testing can verify the claim then this will be my new sealant.
Slyham   on Mar 2, 2018
commented on Osprey Raptor 10 Hydration Pack Review
Mongwolf, I totally understand what you mean! So expensive. With that said I own two raptor bags, 14 for big rides and 6 for small ones. Neither bag cost me over $100 and one was in the $60 range. I'm a deal hunter. I also own an Osprey backpacking backpack. I really don't consider any…
I guess I take issue with saying some one riding a bike down stairs is mountain biking but climbing a fire road on a bike is not. To me, if it's not on dirt, it's not mountain biking. I usually just define it as riding a bike on dirt trails.
I also suggest adding another day. I understand the desire to push through it, but enjoy the beautiful trails and camping a little more. ;-)
I bought a new bike this year and it was a plus bike. I went plus to try it out and also I can throw a set of 29er on as well. Might as well have the option when buying a new bike. Also, as a 215 lbs rider I was breaking spokes on my…
Slyham   on Nov 21, 2017
replied to Just starting.
I always recommend starting with what you have. Once you have ridden for a while you will start to learn what type of riding you like best, what is important to you,...
Slyham   on Nov 21, 2017
replied to Awkward Moment. What do you do?
I only say something if it is someone riding in my own group. I usually share a personal experience of going OTB and banging my helmet on a rock. Sometimes it works,...
Slyham   on Mar 15, 2017
replied to Are you comfortable buying a bike online?
My last bike was purchased online. I had never ridden the bike and never heard of the brand. Did a lot of research and I was comfortable with the risk to save...
Slyham   on Oct 6, 2016
commented on a photo of Thunder Mountain
I love the scenery of Thunder Mountain!
Slyham   on Sep 28, 2016
commented on The Razik Epitome Turns Heads, Empties Wallets
Well, how much does it weigh? If there is not significant weight savings what would be the point?
Slyham   on Oct 12, 2015
added a photo of Breezer Supercell Pro
My bike
Slyham   on Oct 12, 2015
added a review of Breezer Supercell LTD

Great all around bike. Great on the climbs and on the descents Efficient and effective suspension
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