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Ooltewah // Tennessee

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About Me

I have lived all over Gods great country, from Wichita KS to Vincennes IN, the Show Me State Missouri and Alabama. I currently reside in the beautiful state of Tennessee/Ooltewah, with my amazing wife and 3 wonderful boys. I haven't been mountain biking for long, about a year, but I can say that I am indeed hooked. Chattanooga has some great trails and also 2 ajointing states, Alabama and Georgia have some amazing trails. Hope to see you all on the trails.

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KNUCKLES69   on Sep 25, 2014
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Over looking Kentucky Lake
KNUCKLES69   on Sep 23, 2014
added a photo of Trek 4500
My bike
KNUCKLES69   on Sep 22, 2014
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KNUCKLES69   on Sep 22, 2014
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My bike
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