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IDK is cornering like NASCAR is a good thing! ha.
Paul Moore   on Feb 4, 2018
replied to Searching the forums?
I know it was pointed out  but the format that will focus Google is : SmokyBear - this for example will pull all of your posts.
They shouldn't be pissed about anything, it was honest and you didn't bash on them.. I have been meaning to go - I have only DH once and am 50 typically riding a HT. But son heads up often and can say, the "return factor", yes is high as it is a 2+ hr drive…
Paul Moore   on Apr 24, 2015
added a comment on Video: How To Ride Roots On Your Mountain Bike
All of these were shot down hill, while the speed is higher unweighting, esp the front in much easier. How...
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