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  • Menzies84

    Maybe someone in here can help me. I live in Seaford De and have been in contact with the Nanticoke River Watershed Conservancy in regards to an area woods called Chapel Branch Nature Trails in hopes of bringing Single Track to their trail system. They have been told by retired park rangers to not allow Mountain Biking there but are open to the idea. I am just a Mountain Biker, not apart of any major group, but they asked if I was from the IMBA and they seem to hold them in high regard. So in short, does anyone want to help me convince them and bring a trail system to this area that could desperately use it?

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  • Mjcpsu

    Saw a lot of old posts. Not sure how active this is. Just moved to the area, intermediate rider in south delaware. Really want to get up to white clay creek but if anyone is looking for someone to ride with just say the word

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    • Nick Hepler

      We do a weekly White Clay/Middle Run rides Thursday nights at 6 PM. We also do occasional Sunday rides on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month that move around to different trail systems in the area. More info on rides is on our FB page. We always love seeing new riders come out, so feel free to join us!
      -Cheers, Nick
      Trail Spinners President

  • burnembrndn

    Lost my Garmin 510 today (9/6) - much beer for anyone who finds it!

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  • Paul Moore

    Thinking of making the trip ( 1.5 hr drive) to Fair Hill tomorrow - any word on conditions due to spring wetness?

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  • Bob Trifiro

    I am planning a day long biking trip. I have never been to the park before and I am an intermediate biker. My plan is to start at the park office and snoop around the nearby trails. My questions are: is there a better place to start? Avoid? Not miss? I did download the unofficial map (Ken)

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