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Recovering slow Clydesdale racer who likes riding Imba Epics and getting up to 3 feet of air!

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How often do you change and swap cranks?  The Dub system is nice in principle but I wouldn't wait for it to come out.  FSA has had a similar system (modular) for...
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Mark Larson   on Jan 26, 2018
replied to Mountain bike + shooting duathlon
Blackhawk in Madison, WI has done this before.  They're full on XC skiers and ski jumpers with mountain bike trails in the summer so they hosted a summer biathlon.  I never did...
Mark Larson   on Dec 18, 2017
replied to Northwest Arkansas
One of my favorite places I've ever ridden.  I love the amazing variety of trails, you can do any kind of mountain bike riding you want, sometimes with in the same day...
Mark Larson   on Dec 1, 2017
replied to Giant Stance 1 vs. Trance 3
Ha, I feel qualified to give an opinion.  I just rented a Trance 2 last week and I thought it was awesome (I ride a few different bikes each year and wouldn't...
Mark Larson   on Nov 29, 2017
replied to No tax break for commuting?
My wife gets pretty nice incentives for commuting through her employer (of course she works in the bike industry so not a huge surprise.)  In Madison (Dane County even) you can get...
Mark Larson   on Nov 27, 2017
replied to Video: Best Downhill In Colorado?
He's riding the same frame as me...definitely going to give this one a watch!  Subscribed!
Mark Larson   on Nov 17, 2017
replied to Moab Guide Reccomendation
Yep.  I've been twice and have been pretty much on my own.  He'll want shuttle gift certificates (Whole Enchilada & Mag 7)  Trails don't really need a guide, a buddy would be...
Mark Larson   on Nov 14, 2017
replied to Stupid Question Sunday
I use 3M 2228 Scotch Moisture Sealing Electrical Tape if anything that's stock isn't present or not doing the job.  I read about it once in some forum so I gave it...

Went to Bentonville, AR on a whim after seeing lots of YouTube videos and having a vacation suddenly cancelled. It...
Dropping in off the hub at Coler
Mark Larson   on Sep 19, 2017
replied to Anyone going to Interbike?
Check out envelo at Outdoor Demo.  We've got a couple Polygon Square Ones you can have fun with.
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Ours are reasonably loud...probably in the middle of the spectrum.  I believe the ones with Sram Drivers are quieter however.
Mark Larson   on Sep 18, 2017
rode 7.8 miles at Quarry Ridge Park

Polygon Square One Ride Test via Strava
Mark Larson   on Sep 15, 2017
replied to Moab for the first time
You say early October...Outerbike is Oct 6th-8th.  They have shuttles to 3 popular trails over the course of the weekend and you can hit two others from the venue.  You'd just need...
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Alafia got hit pretty hard.  Here are a few damage photos from the SWAMP club.
Mark Larson   on Sep 14, 2017
rode 11.8 miles at Blue Mound State Park

Late for work (A whole lotta Blue Mound) via Strava
Mark Larson   on Sep 8, 2017
replied to What is going on with the GT brand?
GT was big in Performance stores but when ASI bought them (Fuji, etc) they got fazed now they're at a crossroads.  They've always (in semi recent history) sold bikes to Dick's...
Mark Larson   on Sep 8, 2017
replied to First Bike
Since it sounds like you're going to fully jump into being a mountain biker and have a BMX background, definitely get as much bike as you can!  The Marin Hawk Hill won...
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In all honesty there's probably not much difference.  I've never even seen a Nukeproof in the wild (beyond a pro DH race I watched) but I would definitely go for whatever one...
Mark Larson   on Sep 3, 2017
rode 11.3 miles at Kettle Moraine John Muir + Emma Carlin

Thorough riding of Emma! via Strava
Mark Larson   on Sep 3, 2017
rode 15.7 miles at The Badger Trail

Family Bike Path time! via Strava
Mark Larson   on Aug 30, 2017
replied to Full suspension MTB for 2500$
I've got a bunch of used for 1 season Marin Demo bikes in your price range.  All are custom builds and would retail for around $6000.  Used for one season on our...
Mark Larson   on Aug 21, 2017
replied to Moab trip in September
I'll second Navajo Rocks.  That place is great!  Good XC riding and lots of Moab flavor with some slickrock, some optional exposure, lots of rocks!  You can also take Mag 7 down...
Mark Larson   on Aug 21, 2017
replied to Help me Fork this bike
I work for the SR Suntour distributor in the US.  We have a nice trade in program, basically you get 25% off of a new fork.  The most popular upgrade is to...
Mark Larson   on Aug 14, 2017
replied to What's with the new boom box trend?
My 2 cents: I'm seeing (actually hearing) speakers more and more.  Most of the time it's at cycling venues that are more extreme (lift parks, jump parks, etc.) and sometimes they trickle onto...
Mark Larson   on Aug 7, 2017
replied to Where to ride Labor Day weekend?
Where are you at?  Copper Harbor Mi has a mountain bike festival that weekend!  Also a good time for Crested Butte (anywhere in Colorado in the mountains are perfect that time of...
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Basically what StumpyFSR said.  I'd add in Bentonville and/or the IMBA epics in Arkansas, North Carolina and the Kingdom Trails in VT.  Florida if you need a winter getaway in addition to...
Mark Larson   on Aug 7, 2017
replied to What's your favorite after work ride?
I always use after work or lunch and Strand Hill as an example of why eMountain Bikes aren't totally a bad thing (Crested Butte in general for some sweet self shuttling).  It's...
Mark Larson   on Aug 1, 2017
commented on In Praise of Our State Parks
Matthew Bonner beat me to the punch! The Kettles are one of the most ridden systems here and Blue Mound is a great technical trail that's been with very much cooperation between the local IMBA chapter (CORP) and the people in charge at the state park.
Mark Larson   on Jul 31, 2017
replied to How to spice up your "Go to Trail"
Yep, everything everyone else has said.  Night, backwards, build and maintain, try to be Strava times on certain segments, etc.  Try different bikes if you have them (or even a trail-run if...
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Crested Butte?  Try taking the bus up to Mt Crested Butte and riding one or two of the trails back down to town.  Upper Loop to Upper Upper.  Free city up and fun...
Mark Larson   on Jul 31, 2017
replied to Plunge Wildly Ahead or Backpedal?
Just ride your bike.  Buying it and riding it the first time takes the largest amount of depreciation for a used bike.  So you could ride it the rest of the season...
Mark Larson   on Jul 20, 2017
replied to Trust worthy online mtb shop??? is our up and coming shop.  We're a distributor for SR Suntour, Novatec and Slickoleum and we've added a few more that we're working on and should be added in the...
Too long!  I try to set ready to ride, rollout times if organizing a ride.  Weeknight and lunch rides it should be expected to start on time.  Long weekend rides there's more...
Mark Larson   on Jun 26, 2017
replied to Commute length and kit?
Bike shorts always.  Usually full kit.  My commute is 5 miles with an all bike path 7 mile option as well.  On the way home I might just throw a t-shirt on...
I take mine on most of my more extreme excursions or bucket list trails or when I do a lift day.  Occasionally I'll take it to my local trails if I'm riding...
I'd say the suspension fork.  It changed how we could ride roots & rocks and opened up alot of trails for the commoner.   It paved the way to producing full-suspension bikes...
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Mark Larson   on May 16, 2017
replied to 1x11 Granny Gear Drivetrain Question
I agree with Aaron.  I own both drivetrains...the 32-11 is important!
Giant Fathom 1.  Has the top of the line SR Suntour XC fork.  Light, SLX 1x11 with crankset!  Nice frame, maxxis folding tires, etc.  $1450! A steal! Marin Nail Trail 2 looks awesome...
Mark Larson   on May 10, 2017
replied to Affordable kids' mountain bikes
Depends what you're looking for.  Lots of boutique brands right now and many just getting started.  Spawn Cycles seems to be the brand with some traction right now ( but we've just...
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