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  • in reply to: Mountain bike + shooting duathlon #233523

    Blackhawk in Madison, WI has done this before.  They’re full on XC skiers and ski jumpers with mountain bike trails in the summer so they hosted a summer biathlon.  I never did it.  My coworker actually hosted his own thing similar with a downhill trail that ended at a pond then you had to see how long it took to catch a fish, fastest cumulative time wins.

    in reply to: Crankset & Bottom Bracket Compatibility #233522

    How often do you change and swap cranks?  The Dub system is nice in principle but I wouldn’t wait for it to come out.  FSA has had a similar system (modular) for the last two years as well, you could contact them.

    in reply to: Northwest Arkansas #231110

    One of my favorite places I’ve ever ridden.  I love the amazing variety of trails, you can do any kind of mountain bike riding you want, sometimes with in the same day or even ride.  Did a quick blog about our trip in October.

    in reply to: Giant Stance 1 vs. Trance 3 #229948

    Ha, I feel qualified to give an opinion.  I just rented a Trance 2 last week and I thought it was awesome (I ride a few different bikes each year and wouldn’t hesitate to own a Trance at all.)  It was probably the most nimble bike I’ve ridden. I also work for SR Suntour, and the Aion fork on the Trance 3 has 35mm stanchions and is the best value in our whole fork lineup.  It’s stiff, smooth and tuneable and every bit as good or better than the Fox Rhythm series.  The Contact dropper was really light action and I liked it too!  That Stance paint job is pretty sweet though, not gonna lie.

    in reply to: No tax break for commuting? #229748

    My wife gets pretty nice incentives for commuting through her employer (of course she works in the bike industry so not a huge surprise.)  In Madison (Dane County even) you can get a free state trail pass if you’re a commuter since we have a couple state trails that are valuable for commuting.  I don’t expect my current state or national politicians to do anything more than that at this point (even though Wisconsin is home to many cycling companies and has lots of tourism related to cycling) but from a city and county standpoint they have bike to work weeks and stuff like that sometimes.

    in reply to: Video: Best Downhill In Colorado? #229555

    He’s riding the same frame as me…definitely going to give this one a watch!  Subscribed!

    in reply to: Moab Guide Reccomendation #229051

    Yep.  I’ve been twice and have been pretty much on my own.  He’ll want shuttle gift certificates (Whole Enchilada & Mag 7)  Trails don’t really need a guide, a buddy would be nice.  Or tickets to an event like Outerbike which has 3 days of shuttles and bike demos (if the timing works out.)

    in reply to: Stupid Question Sunday #228859

    I use 3M 2228 Scotch Moisture Sealing Electrical Tape if anything that’s stock isn’t present or not doing the job.  I read about it once in some forum so I gave it a try.  I think 2-3 people started using it as well after seeing it on my bike.  But in a pinch, just use whatever you have around, it’s better than nothing.

    in reply to: Santa Cruz Tallboy with Novatec D712sb – b12 hubs #225280

    Ours are reasonably loud…probably in the middle of the spectrum.  I believe the ones with Sram Drivers are quieter however.

    in reply to: Anyone going to Interbike? #225279

    Check out envelo at Outdoor Demo.  We’ve got a couple Polygon Square Ones you can have fun with.

    in reply to: Trail damage due to hurricanes Harvey & Irma #225165

    Alafia got hit pretty hard.  Here are a few damage photos from the SWAMP club.

    in reply to: Moab for the first time #225160

    You say early October…Outerbike is Oct 6th-8th.  They have shuttles to 3 popular trails over the course of the weekend and you can hit two others from the venue.  You’d just need to hit up the Enchilada or parts of it some other day and as a first timer you’ll probably want to knock back a loop of Slickrock.

    in reply to: What is going on with the GT brand? #224861

    GT was big in Performance stores but when ASI bought them (Fuji, etc) they got fazed out…so now they’re at a crossroads.  They’ve always (in semi recent history) sold bikes to Dick’s and other similar stores, probably increasing their presence there to make dollars and ends meet now that Performance is gone.  But they’ve definitely invested in mountain biking as they’re at all the shows/demo events and have some cool stuff.  It’ll be interesting to see going forward what they do.

    in reply to: Norco Torrent/Fluid vs. Nukeproof Scout #224824

    In all honesty there’s probably not much difference.  I’ve never even seen a Nukeproof in the wild (beyond a pro DH race I watched) but I would definitely go for whatever one you’d rather ride or whatever component spec/color/tires/fork you want for your money.  Norco is a great company but I’m sure Nukeproof is too.


    in reply to: First Bike #224823

    Since it sounds like you’re going to fully jump into being a mountain biker and have a BMX background, definitely get as much bike as you can!  The Marin Hawk Hill won tons of awards for being a $1500 bike and Giant also offers tons of value as well and you can get some 2017s of many brands on closeout now so there should be a lot of choices available if you search around.

    in reply to: Full suspension MTB for 2500$ #224094

    I’ve got a bunch of used for 1 season Marin Demo bikes in your price range.  All are custom builds and would retail for around $6000.  Used for one season on our east coast demo fleet (10 events or so.)  1 year warranty on frame and suspension.

    in reply to: Moab trip in September #223092

    I’ll second Navajo Rocks.  That place is great!  Good XC riding and lots of Moab flavor with some slickrock, some optional exposure, lots of rocks!  You can also take Mag 7 down to Gemini Bridges Rd when you’re done and then ride back to town (if it’s a 1-way shuttle) with optional Brand Trails on the way back too if you want a really long day.

    in reply to: Help me Fork this bike #223080

    I work for the SR Suntour distributor in the US.  We have a nice trade in program, basically you get 25% off of a new fork.  The most popular upgrade is to our air Raidon fork.  It’s available in pretty much any configuration (tapered/non tapered, thru/QR axle, 26/27.5/29).  The cool thing is that way you’d have an extra Qloc axle for your fork as well.  It’s similar to the Recon people have talked about here.

    Shoot me an email to [email protected]

    in reply to: What's with the new boom box trend? #222751

    My 2 cents:

    I’m seeing (actually hearing) speakers more and more.  Most of the time it’s at cycling venues that are more extreme (lift parks, jump parks, etc.) and sometimes they trickle onto trails other than that.  I guess the busier the trail the more there are issues with riders; at our local trail systems we can have 50-100+ riders at a time of all sorts of demographics during popular times.  Many aren’t aware of mountain bike “rules” or “common courtesy” and trails get rutted in rain, people blare music, ride the wrong way, etc.  If you’re choosing to ride at a popular time on a popular system you take inherently more risks of everything, including behaviors you don’t agree with.  It’s the same with hikes on popular trails on weekends, road bikes, pick-up basketball, even driving motor vehicles, etc.  It is what it is.

    Now if I’m miles deep in a remote forest then I think the speaker is annoying AF.  But hopefully it only happens very seldom.

    As for my thoughts on music?  Busy trail, no music.  Not busy trail, i’m ok with ear buds but if I start seeing multiple people I usually take them out.  Speakers?  If there on low volume, that’s cool by me, my cassette hub is pretty loud too!


    in reply to: Best place for long (30-40 miles) singletrack rides #222272

    Basically what StumpyFSR said.  I’d add in Bentonville and/or the IMBA epics in Arkansas, North Carolina and the Kingdom Trails in VT.  Florida if you need a winter getaway in addition to riding (Santos, Alafia & Balm you can do 20 miles at each without much repeating, much more at Santos and Balm).    Also check out where the NUE series goes, they have some good random race routes (South Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, etc.)

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