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Jeff, I'm glad you're okay and made it out in one piece. I rode there last summer and became pretty...
RunandBike0519   on Apr 19, 2012
added Summer Mountain Bike Series
Mountain Bike Racing is coming to Gainesville this summer! 352 Racing is promoting a mountain bike race series out at The...
RunandBike0519   on Aug 1, 2011
added a comment on Monarch Crest Trail is OPEN!!
I was just in Salida about a month ago, and there was a section of the crest trail that had...
Those are all really slow tires, do you recommend anything more race oriented?
Great job Leah!
So, if I am going to be there in July, should I just avoid riding all together? What kind of...
RunandBike0519   on Jan 10, 2011
added a comment on Snake Creek Gap Time Trial #1 Race Report
Stop taking so many pics and go for that podium spot!
RunandBike0519   on Jun 4, 2010
This looks a bit lame, the elliptigo is actually practical, The guy trying to fit on the bus is funny...

Super fast xc tire with still enough grip to get through the soft stuff, easy to install, and Kenda quality....
RunandBike0519   on Jan 19, 2010
added a review of Central Park

Ok, not real packed down. Never found the freeride area, I guess its gone?
RunandBike0519   on Jan 9, 2010
added a comment on MTB Stage Races in 2010
Pisgah would be great let's do it Jeff!

Super light weight package, solid craftsmanship, and long battery cord.
RunandBike0519   on Jun 16, 2009
added a comment on I Ride Sucky MTB Trails So Others Don't Have To
Great post, there are so many trails out there that are closed or just forgotten about. Sounds like your trip...
RunandBike0519   on May 18, 2009
added a comment on Sumter Metric Century Report
Way to go Jeff, I am looking forward to hearing more about it, I would of love to been there...
RunandBike0519   on Apr 3, 2009
added a comment on Singletracks T-shirt Sale - Just $10 Each
Great shirts! Get them while they are hot, I am starting a petition for singletracks kits!
RunandBike0519   on Apr 1, 2009
added a comment on Singletracks Going Road
Watch our for razor bumps!
RunandBike0519   on Mar 17, 2009
added a comment on Mountain Biker Sam Brown Dies in Spokane Jail
The wheel looks pretty intense must of been a pioneer but looks like he collapsed.
RunandBike0519   on Mar 2, 2009
added a comment on Forget the 29er - check out this 36er!
Reminds of the jackass episode where they ride the really old big wheel small wheel bikes, look at the slant...
RunandBike0519   on Feb 25, 2009
added a comment on The Dirty Century
That sounds like good times, I am trying to find something to train for as well, my next big accomplishment....

Sanflalasco, has it all for XC riders looking to get some good distance. However, there is nothing too special only...
RunandBike0519   on Jan 30, 2009
added a comment on Crankbrothers Cobalt Wheelset Review
Cooler than ice my friend!
RunandBike0519   on Jan 28, 2009
added a comment on Sugoi Wallaroo wool jersey review
Hey did you get a new bike what is that thing? The 29er you have been dreaming about?
Count me in!
RunandBike0519   on Dec 17, 2008
added a comment on Blackburn mini-pumps follow up review
Now can you talk my wife into getting me one for Christmas!
RunandBike0519   on Nov 24, 2008
added a review of Oakley HalfJacket

Great fit and you can treat them with no respect and they still let you come over for dinner.

It fits great, does not shrink after being washed and it's made of high quality materials not a cheap shirt....
RunandBike0519   on Nov 19, 2008
added a review of * Sport Legs

Somehow it works. I really noticed a deference after my training, it dramatically decreased the soreness of a twenty mile...
RunandBike0519   on Nov 5, 2008
added a comment on MTB Eats: Burgers, Pizza, BBQ, and Burritos
You guys are making me hungry, I will take one of all the above! We need to go ride soon!...
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