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haneriali@gmail.com   on Oct 29, 2013
added Ibis Carbon low-rise
haneriali@gmail.com   on Oct 29, 2013
added a review of Ibis Ripley

Great climbing; very balanced; quick handling for tight single track. 120mm travel is great. Only had it 3 months but...

Well built and maintained; good combination of climbing and flow; not too technical. Fun rock garden and stream crossings

I love riding in Dupont. Not as technical or difficult as Pisgah trails, but something for everyone. Even expert-level riders...

Slickrock on the East Coast. Super-fun trail that's totally different from the rest of the WNC experience. If you go...

This is more of a connector-like trail, so good for spinning and aerobic fitness.

More of an intermediate trail -- except for the first .25-mile. Lots of skill-building opportunity on a great trail.

Just a super-fun trail. Easy enough for beginner with experience -- not really a true intermediate trail IMO. Want to...

Great riding for all levels. Not super technical -- not double-black diamond stuff. Fun for all ages. If you cannot...
haneriali@gmail.com   on Oct 29, 2013
added a review of Bent Creek

Great riding for all skill levels. Not as demanding as Pisgah trails, but still challenging in places.
haneriali@gmail.com   on Oct 29, 2013
added a review of Green's Lick

Really fun workout. Some technical sections, but not too difficult.

Good climb that's not technical or difficult.

Good introduction to Bent Creek for newbies.

Good spinner for those new to the sport.

Fun riding; some technical sections. Like to climb?
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