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rmap01   1 day ago
updated Hoyles Mill Connector conditions to Fair
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rmap01   1 day ago
updated Black Hill Regional Park conditions to Fair
No ride this weekend :( Saturday - freeze/thaw in effect.   Trails way too mushy Sunday - rain Instead went to the HS track yesterday and punished myself with some speedwork for overindulging... lol. With this...
Think I need to put this on the bucket list!
Solid dropper. With 175mm available this will definitely be on the shortlist of upgrades.
I echo much of the sentiment expressed above. The fact of the matter is that if you ride you will inevitably crash. One or more of those crashes may well cause injury. Some of those injuries may be serious. The problem we have in the US is that too many people look for someone to…
Just reset your ride expectations.  It typically means going at a slower pace and saving the rowdy stuff for another day (like tomorrow ;)
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I've forgotten stuff plenty of times but it was always manageable... with one notable exception.  When I was taking my front wheel off to put my bike into the back of my...
rmap01   6 days ago
replied to First ride photos of the new year
First snow ride of the year.
rmap01   6 days ago
replied to Heel pain after a long ride
Certainly sounds like it might be PF but usually you would feel pain in your heel/arch as soon as you get out of bed in the morning as the fascia tightens up...
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I’m getting fat. My legs are getting skinny. I turning pale. I can’t breathe! Help! How do you handle cycling withdrawal? LOL.  I think many of us can relate.  And, unlike some, I...
rmap01   1 week ago
updated Black Hill Regional Park conditions to Fair
As Jeff and Fred stated it really depends on the bike, i.e. specs and geometry as well as what feels most comfortable to you (some also swear by Ape index, i.e. your...
rmap01   2 weeks ago
replied to What are your mtb goals for 2019?
Great to see that many have set measurable goals... you can't monitor what you can't measure.    These are my MTB goals for 2019: Ride at least 1250 (MTB) miles (1750 miles...
This year I'm hoping to get out to Sedona, Fruita, Santos, and Bentonville.
Like many, my bike came with a standard seatpost and I rode it that way for quite some time.  When I got my first dropper I used it intermittently for the first...
rmap01   on Dec 27, 2018
replied to Christmas shredding
@ZipHead Thanks for the holiday wishes.  No ride for me yesterday but I also got some cool gear that I intend to break out on the trails tomorrow :)
rmap01   on Dec 22, 2018
replied to Playing in the mud?
I typically don't ride muddy trails, not because I don't want to - or enjoy the challenge - but I've seen the damage it can inflict.  I've even driven to trails only...
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rmap01   on Dec 23, 2018
replied to Any gay bikers out there?
For the people I ride with, I don't care what their sexual preference is, what they're political views are, or any other non-MTB preferences.  We're mountain bikers.  When we're on the trail...
I thought this was a very interesting test and I appreciated the method he used to compare the performance of the tires.  The short of it for me, however, is that it...
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rmap01   on Dec 22, 2018
replied to First Full Suspension Bike
While I have not ridden the Scout or the Pipeline, I demo'ed the 5010 for 2 days at Kingdom Trails (lots of variety) a couple of months ago.   I came away...
MTB’ing for me is like therapy.   The endorphin rush you get from pushing your limits is addictive.  And when you’re riding there really is no time to dwell on the stressors...
I love the concept but there are two things I can’t get past. One is the price (I could buy a new carbon wheelset) or even a decent hardtail. The other is just hate riding indoors, Zwift or otherwise. Now if they can simulate the experience with 3D virtual reality sign me up!
rmap01   on Dec 15, 2018
updated Rosaryville State Park conditions to
rmap01   on Dec 15, 2018
replied to Your best crash story
LMAO @steveilikebeer Great story!
rmap01   on Dec 13, 2018
replied to FS bike weight - today's standards
I would echo much of the sentiment expressed by @FredCook .  I've been on heavier bikes that "felt" lighter than ones that weighed less.  I'm all for finding ways to improve how...
rmap01   on Dec 8, 2018
replied to Beginner bike?
While you don’t need a expensive bike to ride and have fun you need to remember Seth, Phil, and even Alex from single track sampler, are WAY above average riders and can...
Love the article Brent. I love pushing myself to achieve new goals; jumping a MTB included. At 52, I consider myself the best version of me yet but it is not as good as future versions of me will be!
rmap01   on Dec 6, 2018
replied to Bike wash
+1   On the car soap and Dawn... as needed. Also, as much as people (rightfully) talk about keeping the drivetrain clean and properly lubricated, be sure to clean/wipe your fork and shock...
Nice summary Brian. Definitely a helpful resource. Any recommendations for a flat pedal winter show. I've heard that the Five Ten Freerider High Top is a good show for winter riding but it's out of stock everywhere in most sizes and Adidas told me they won't have more until Fall 2019. Wow, they are obviously…
For the eBike crowd, I think it's important to understand that there are legitimate concerns re: eBikes being expressed that I don't think should be dismissed out of hand as they impact all of us. As a starting point, we need to recognize that MTB'ers are already considered the red-headed step child and are at…
While we can define this many ways, I don't think we should be defining "what a mountain bike is". I would argue that any bike designed to be ridden off-road qualifies as a mountain bike. To me it comes down to motorized vs non-motorized and this is how many land owners have defined them. And…
rmap01   on Dec 2, 2018
replied to Grips and sweat
The wrist band is a good idea to control the sweat.  But I would also highly recommend wearing gloves at least for the protection.  I used to wear half fingered gloves in...
Amen. Looking forward to reading.
rmap01   on Dec 1, 2018
updated Ten Mile Creek conditions to
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