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An entire podcast about SS and not a single Fireball mention. Maybe there's a part 2 on the horizon...........
evenslower   on Apr 7, 2017
replied to Essential MTB trail building tools
Favorite singular tool is a Rogue Hoe 60A. Can use it like a McLeod, kind of like a Pulaski in a pinch, and makes a great rock pick. Not quite as effective...
I did but I admit somewhat begrudgingly. As mentioned before the swaying factor was to help support my local chapter. Also sending moola to STC.
evenslower   on Mar 21, 2017
commented on 11 Off-Grid Races You Need To Ride In 2017
Favorite OTG event for me is an easy one. Hands down the BT Epic. 55 miler in southern Missouri near Steelville. Got to be the best MTB course anywhere near that part of the country and I've ridden several around there. The Berryman trail was an IMBA epic at one time. Start/finish is at the…
evenslower   on Mar 9, 2017
replied to #BrutalLoop 3.0 April 29, 2017
Sweet, I'm in. Should have a few from my riding group/club/team/whatever the hell we are going too.
Perfect timing for me Jeff. I've got the same trip booked for later this year and I'm in the soaking up as much info as I can get phase so I'll give this a listen this week. I heard you mention that you'd done a hut to hut on the bikepacking podcast and I was…
evenslower   on Dec 12, 2016
replied to Save the Date! Brutal Loop 3.0
Whiskey.....check!!! and concur on Stanley, fun place but bring your big boy pants.
evenslower   on Dec 12, 2016
replied to Save the Date! Brutal Loop 3.0
Sweet, SSM will be there grunting and cursing to the top of Mountain Town again.
Is it wrong that my first thought was that IMBA will oppose this cultural shift because it's too risky?
Agree, worth every cent and if you ever work with someone promoting an event or promote one yourself you'd quickly...
Like the addition of a 50 mile route, understand dropping the third round, but the shuttle changes along with a...
evenslower   on Mar 13, 2015
added a comment on Video: Riding the White Line Trail in Sedona
It's an offshoot of an existing well trail in the area of the Cathedral, Chicken Point, etc. No markers (don't...
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