MTB Training with Bike James

James Wilson is a trainer specializing in mountain bike strength coaching and his blog is a great resource for riders looking to get in shape for racing season. To become a competitive mountain biker these days it’s not enough to be in great shape – you need to train using exercises designed specifically for mountain biking. Unlike other coaches who simply modify road cycling training plans for off-road riders, James had dedicated himself to developing training plans and workouts specifically for mountain bikers. As such his client list reads like a who’s who of mountain bike racing including former NORBA and UCI champions.

Bike James has two MTB training programs for sale – MTB DB Combos 12 Week Program and The Ultimate MTB Workout Program but here’s a secret: you can get many of his short videos for free on YouTube. Most of the videos are posted on the blog as well so it’s like having your own personal MTB trainer in your living room! No more excuses for getting in shape for MTB season…

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