Video: Bell Built Contestant: Timber Trail, Coldwater Mountain, Anniston, AL

If you missed our recent list of The 10 Best US Destinations for a Weekend Mountain Bike Getaway, shame on you! If you didn’t, you know Coldwater Mountain made it on that list, and you will now learn this same trail system is one of three semi-finalists representing the East Coast in this year’s Bell Built Grant contest. Coldwater hopes to expand its 25 miles of existing ripping fast and flowy singletrack another 50 miles by 2017, part of that being a  more downhill-oriented line, Timber Trail, with steep rollovers, drops, and car-sized boulders… oh my! Coldwater Mountain draws a large volume of riders being only an hour-ish from both Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA, and will likely enjoy that same level of support during their voting period.

Check out the video above for more information, and see if you can spot the cameo appearances from Singletracks’ own Greg Heil and Jeff Barber!

Visit the Bell Built Grant website to learn more about the Timber Trail project and submit your vote.

Voting for East Coast candidates begins May 11 and ends May 25 where the winner will go on to compete with the West Coast and Central Region Finalists in a separate online popular vote held May 25 through June 5.

Visit IMBA for details on selection criteria, voting terms, grant award process, and other conditions.

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