The “Troy Lee” Trail in Corona is About to be Lost to Development

photo: Brandon Geoffrey Ward
photo: Brandon Geoffrey Ward

A new housing development proposed for the Skyline area near Corona, CA has recently put the popular “Troy Lee” mountain bike trail on notice. Built and developed by Troy Lee and some of the company’s early employees in the 1990s, the trail later came to be officially known as the Block Trail. The trail has been used for recreation and even testing by brands like Shimano brakes and RockShox suspension over the past few decades.

Local hikers have been somewhat successful in getting the developer to modify plans for the development to spare their own access to the trails within the Cleveland National Forest, though mountain biker haven’t had any such luck. According to this article from the Press Enterprise, things don’t look good for the “Troy Lee” or Block trails.

One concession [developer representative] Byer said the company is not willing to make is the preservation of Troy Lee Trail, a 21-mile path frequented by mountain bikers for decades. The trail runs through private lands owned by Richland for the past three years. As the project stands now, access to Block Trail – which intersects the private parcel further north – also would be limited.

The good news is this development will only affect some of the mountain bike trails within the Skyline area. Word is that riders will still be able to access Main Divide and the Orange County Parks System trails–just with a bit of added climbing.

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