The Top 10 Mountain Bike Destinations, As Chosen by the People


The ethos behind the Singletracks Trail Database, home to the largest collection of mountain bike trail maps in the world, is that the sum of our collective knowledge is much greater and more powerful than that of just one rider, or even a handful of riders. Since this user-generated trail database has been in existence for over 15 years, we’ve been able to harness the collective knowledge of you, the people.

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In order to be as impartial as possible, we’ve long had an automatic algorithm that ranks the best trails in the world, based on the content and reviews that you’ve submitted. And after reading countless lists of the best destinations–lists that we’ve written along with those that have been published by other news outlets and organizations–we wondered if we could apply the same crowd-sourced ethos to destination rankings. After working for months on perfecting the algorithm, we’re excited to announce The Best Mountain Bike Destinations list!

For more detailed information on how this ranking system works and how things can change over time, be sure to check out Jeff’s explanation article. But for now, read on for the top 10 mountain bike destinations, as chosen by the people:

10. Bailey, Colorado

Buffalo Creek. Photo: Michael Paul.
Buffalo Creek. Photo: Michael Paul.

According to the database Bailey is home to 49 trails totaling 555 miles. Top trails include the earliest portions of the venerable Colorado Trail, currently ranked the #1 trail on Singletracks, and the exceedingly-popular go-to Front Range trail system, Buffalo Creek. Buffalo Creek long held the #1 trail spot on Singletracks, and while it’s fallen down the list somewhat, the quality of the riding in Bailey is unquestionably high.