Showing the Luv to Your Mountain Bike Trails and Trail Builders

Luv Trails and are making it easy to support the trails and trail builders wherever you ride.

Arrie Rossouw is the co-founder and CEO of LuvTRAILS, an online and mobile platform helping groups raise funds for trail building and maintenance.

Jeremiah Bishop is a professional cyclist with countless major wins in short track, marathon, and ultra endurance racing. He’s also a leading advocate for cycling.

We ask Arrie and Jeremiah:

  • How did Luv Trails come about? How is it connected to Trail Care?
  • Jeremiah, what is your involvement with Trail Care and Luv Trails?
  • What does the Luv Trails app do?
  • How do mountain bike clubs get included on the Trail Care website and in the Luv Trails app?
  • Where do the donations go? How much of the money goes to the club vs. paying credit card fees and overhead?
  • Why are monetary donations so important to trail groups?
  • How do riders connect their Stava account to
  • What is the average donation per mile ridden?
  • Do people tend to ride the same local trails over and over, or are you seeing people travel outside their area and supporting other clubs?
  • Are clubs seeing meaningful revenue yet? How does this compare to the old-fashioned trailhead donation box?
  • How do you convince riders to sign up or to make a one time donation? Once people sign up, do they tend to stick around and keep donating?
  • What does the future hold for Luv Trails and Trail Care?

Find the Luv Trails app in the Apple and Android app stores, or visit

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