Mountain bikes aren’t just for adults anymore. True, most of the riders we see on the trail are grownups. But the general consensus in the cycling industry is that getting more kids on more bikes earlier is the path to success.

Pedaling, though, is an issue for the smaller children, which is why parents often elect to put them on what’s called a Strider instead. Right below this sentence, unless I have again failed at internetting, you should see a photo of a kid on a Strider.


Oh man, look at that little rascal, probably having the time of his little life. Just makes you think, he’s got a whole life ahead of him to enjoy things like mountain bike riding and doing homework and paying taxes and… well, let’s focus on the riding. Everyone likes riding.

Call me crazy, but if you took a bike like that and paired it up with a simple trail that a kid that age could handle, you could — no kidding — give a kid a gift to last a lifetime. Thankfully, Strider’s founder, Ryan McFarland, has done just that in Rapid City, South Dekota (PDF of their proposal here).

South Dekota’s not a place I think about much, but then, I’m sure South Dakotans think about me never. Ultimately, this could happen any place where there’s someone passionate enough about getting smaller kids on bikes.

Check out more info about the Strider singletrack on IMBA’s blog here. Kids on bikes!

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  • GTXC4

    My oldest started out on an XYbike, and now on a Kazaam, he rides that thing every where with me and can climb better than some adults. Crazy, and he’ll be 4 in the spring. My youngest has been climbing on the XYbike. Fun times ahead.

  • dgw2jr

    These things need some kind of platform for kids to put their feet. Faux pedals perhaps?

    • Jeff Barber

      Striders have a small platform on the chainstays kids can use to “coast.” In the photo above, the kid’s foot is blocking the platform so you can’t see it.

  • markhpnc

    Awesome blog post from IMBA and awesome trail initiative by Stryder! Kind of inspired me to start building a similar type trail for my lil niece and nephew a while back.

    Not to take away from Stryder but check out http://www.glidebikes.com for quality lightweight alloy balance bikes WITH FOOT PEGS and hand brakes kids can actually use to save shoes. Good prices and made in my home state NC!

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