New MTB Trailhead Map


Ok, so we missed the first day of summer by a couple days but better late than never, right? Today we posted a Google Map showing singletracks trails around the world using the location info you’ve been submitting over the last several weeks. This is just Phase I of the project but we’re pretty stoked to say the least! A few notes to help you navigate:


  1. Start by clicking a trailhead cluster to zoom in. Once you’re zoomed in enough you’ll start to see individual trailhead pins.
  2. Many trailhead locations shown are approximate. As we mentioned before we need your help pinpointing MTB trailheads and the white markers on the map show trailheads that have not been precisely located. Many mountain bike trails aren’t even shown on the map because the city/state info is incorrect (for example, a trail city submitted as “Atlanta/Decatur” instead of just “Decatur”). If you come across a trail listing with a weird city, please submit an error correction using the link on the right side of the trail page.
  3. Trails sharing the same trailhead and/or the same approximated city/state are combined into a single pin on the map. We did this so you can click on all the trails (no overlapping pins) and as a bonus it’s already helped us identify duplicate trail listings.
  4. You can hover over pins to view trail names; click pins to view a link, thumbnail, length, and difficulty info.
  5. The map is updated once a day so if you just added a new trail it may take a bit for it to show up on the map.

So there you have it, a Google Map showing singletracks trail locations – now you can all stop emailing me 🙂 There’s more to come as we integrate the map even further, stay tuned this summer and fall…