Mountain bikers love to travel! At least, that’s our conclusion from the recent Singletracks survey of more than 1,400 mountain bikers.

Perhaps one of the most interesting findings is that mountain bike travel is very regionally-focused. Only a handful of destinations like Moab, Whistler, and Pisgah seem to draw riders from outside their respective regions. We were also excited to see some relatively-new destinations like Anniston, AL and the Mega Cavern in Kentucky making appearances on the top destination lists.

Other than that, we’ll let the infographic speak for itself, and will include a few key stats below for the benefit of the search engines.

  • The average mountain biker took 2 mountain bike specific overnight trips in 2014.
  • Mountain bikers spent $382.25 on average per trip.
  • The average mountain bike trip lasted 2.7 nights.
  • Mountain bikers travel 566 miles on an average trip. Half of trips are 250 miles or less from home.
  • The top mountain bike travel months are May, June, and September.
  • The most popular destinations visited in 2014 are Moab, Fruita, Sedona, Pisgah, ¬†Crested Butte, and Bend.
  • The most popular accommodations for mountain bike trips are campgrounds, hotels, and friends’ houses.
  • Mountain bikers eat about half of their meals in restaurants when traveling. Top meal choices include burgers, pizza, beer, Mexican, and steak.

Your Turn: What stands out to you about this data on MTB tourism?

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  • SilverHeiHei

    How and why did Moab, Sedona, and Fruita make it on the Midwest trail list? I live in Ohio and consider those destinations Mountain or West trails. To me, anything east of the Colorado/Kansas line to the Tennessee/North Carolina line is Midwest (excluding the Deep South states, those fall into South trails).

    • Jeff Barber

      The regions are based on where people live, not where the trails they are visiting are located. So Moab, Sedona, and Fruita are among the most popular destinations for people who live in the midwest.

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