Mountain Bikers: We Like Beer


Mountain bikers love them some craft beer! At least, that’s the rather unsurprising conclusion our survey on mountain bikers’ favorite beer found. For many of us, mountain biking is about connecting with unique places and enjoying locally-brewed beer is, in many ways, very similar.

Judging by the big breweries and well-known beers listed above, you might think mountain bikers’ taste isn’t all that diverse. Au, contraire! We asked over 1,800 mountain bikers which beer was their favorite and we received a whopping 574 unique responses–clearly there are plenty of delicious brews from which to choose.

IPAs are the most popular style of beer among mountain bikers, though it’s interesting to note that none of the 10 most popular individual beers are actually IPAs (Dale’s and Sierra Nevada are both Pale Ales). Could the popularity of these beers simply come down to marketing among mountain bikers?

It should also be noted that in response to our questions about beer preferences, about 12.3% responded that they don’t drink beer (many mentioned whiskey, which might deserve its own survey). Another 1.4% responded that they don’t drink, either for religious reasons or because they are recovering alcoholics or are underage.

The next time you hit the trail, be sure to check out the local beer from one of the top-rated breweries wherever you are to support the local economy, and to get a taste of the area.

What’s your favorite singletrack/beer pairing?

Singletracks promotes responsible drinking and does not condone underage drinking or abuse.