IMBA to Survey Members about Advocacy Strategy

IMBA has announced that they are conducting a survey of their members to “gather members’ input and insight on IMBA’s plans for 2016 to 2020.”

However, in order to participate in the survey your membership, including a valid email, must be active as of April 30th. So if you’re not a member, you must join IMBA by the 30th in order to particapate in the survey.

It is interesting to note that IMBA will not be surveying all mountain bikers. While their slogan claims, “If you mountain bike, you belong with IMBA,” if you don’t pay money to IMBA, your opinion as a mountain biker will not be counted, at least as far as this survey is concerned.

According to IMBA, “It is vitally important that IMBA’s members take this survey and help guide the organization’s future.”

IMBA will be working with a professional third party provider to conduct the survey and to release the survey data in an unbiased, objective report.

This survey appears to come as a response to advocacy groups like the Sustainable Trails Coalition, media outlets like Singletracks, and influential industry personalities requesting that IMBA ask for their members’ input on IMBA’s advocacy plans for the coming years.

For more information on IMBA’s current advocacy strategy, be sure to catch up here.

Photo via the IMBA Facebook page.
Photo via the IMBA Facebook page.