Have You Ever Re-located to an Area Because of Better Mountain Biking?

Some places have better access to trails than others, and for some, that's reason enough to pick up and move.
Riding above Butte, Montana. Photo: Bob Allen.

Each state and region in the U.S. has its own unique terrain and that lends to a particular flavor of mountain biking in many different places. “Better” is also a subjective word. Some may like the flowy, jumpy, endless miles of rolling singletrack in Arkansas surrounded by an ocean of green, while someone else might prefer the punchy, rocky trails of Arizona and the arid climate.

And while mountain bike trails seem to be growing all over the country, there are certain places where there just isn’t much singletrack and if you want to ride regularly, it may require moving elsewhere.

Have you ever moved to be closer to more or better mountain biking? Tell us where to and from in the comments.