Comment now to increase MTB opportunities in National Parks!

We just received this message from IMBA over the weekend:

The U.S. National Park Service (NPS) has proposed an important rule change that will make it easier for parks to open trails to mountain biking. IMBA urges mountain bikers to register comments in support of the new rule. We have been asking the NPS to make this change since the 1990s we now enter a 60-day commentary period to make the change official.

We know that several groups are working hard to defeat this proposal. It will take thousands of comments supporting the NPS to ensure the rule is approved. Please lend your voice to the discussion today.

Click this link to access the comment form and if you have the time, customize your message to the NPS for a greater impact. The singletracks team went out to a NPS meeting several weeks back and were really surprised and encouraged to see how open the NPS is to mountain biking. By commenting in large numbers we’ll let the NPS know we’re organized and concerned about MTB opportunities in our National Parks.

After you’ve submitted the form (takes less than 2 minutes), come back to the singletracks blog and leave a comment letting us know… Let’s get at least a dozen comments/submissions before the end of the day!