Watch: Want to Learn to Jump on Your Mountain Bike? Practice Like This Guy!

Two years of progression in a single edit. From hardtail to full suspension, starting with little hops and eventually landing big bike jumps!

David put together clips of himself jumping his mountain bike for the past 2 years, starting with his earliest attempts. Through the progression, he goes from a hardtail to a full suspension bike, until he’s finally able to smash massive jumps.

He says,

Everyone has to start from somewhere and ride a lot in order to gain a lot of experience. I do have some crashes on here and crashing is definitely a way to learn your mistakes and be more consistent. Don’t be afraid, the mental aspect is very crucial, you can’t be scared to crash, you can let fear take over your mind and think the negative. You have to think positively or just say screw it and send it, that mentality is what makes you progress, push yourself and go for it! Challenge yourself to be the best you can be!


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