Sonya Looney Talks Mountain Bike Nutrition, Risk Taking, and Competition [Podcast #217]

Sonya talks about gaining confidence, taking risks, mountain bike training, and nutrition.

On this Episode

Sonya Looney is a four time, national collegiate 24 hour racing champion, and was crowned the 24 hour world champion in 2015. She’s also notched wins at big endurance races like the Breck Epic (twice), Trans Andes, Brasil Ride, and La Leyenda Del Dorado in Columbia. She hosts her own podcast, called the Sonya Looney Show, where she talks about psychology, nutrition, and physiology.

We talk about how Sonya got into mountain biking and how she was able to make time to train for ultra endurance races as a student and later as an engineer working full time. Sonya gives tips for gaining confidence and taking risks, and discusses what she’s learned about nutrition and plant-based diets over the past few years.

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