Sizing Up or Down Plus Handlebar Widths and Crankarm Lengths: MTB Fit with Jason at Retul

In this episode we talk with professional bike fitter and sports scientist Jason Williams about mountain bike geometry, handlebar width, crank lengths, and sizing up or down.

Jason Williams is the Senior Sports Scientist in the Human Performance division at Specialized and a bike fitter at Retul, a Specialized brand that’s focused on delivering technically advanced bike fitting and product matching technology. Retul works with top level athletes and uses collected data to help inform product design, notably the Specialized Body Geometry line.

In this episode we ask:

  • Is bike fitting today different than it was 10 or 20 years ago? Have bike fits always been so data-driven?
  • Has bike fit data traditionally been fed back into bike design?
  • How are current trends in mountain bike frame geometry like steeper seat tube angles and longer reach affecting bike fit?
  • Is there tension between a good bike fit, and the idea of a “normal-looking” bike setup?
  • How do ride dynamics play into bike fitting? Are you able to optimize a rider’s weight distribution on the mountain bike?
  • Is there an easy way to tell if you are running the proper bar width for your body?
  • What are the considerations for sizing up or down?
  • Are there riders who could benefit from shorter or longer crank lengths?
  • Are ergonomics a part of bike fitting, for example brake lever and shifter setup? Do customizable electronic controls help?
  • What are some of the interesting things Retul has learned fitting professional and amateur riders alike?

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