Jeremiah Stone on MTB Skills, From Climbing to Jumping [Podcast #278]

Jeremiah “Scratch” Stone is a mountain bike skill instructor who has taught hundreds of riders across the western USA with Ninja Mountain Bike Performance and the Sedona Mountain Bike Academy. He’s also a freelance trail builder and machine operator in addition to being a skilled rider.

In this interview, we ask:

  • How did you develop your own mountain bike skills? Did you have a coach?
  • Do you think today’s mountain bikes make it easier to be a good biker, compared to the equipment that was available in the old days?
  • Timing seems to be a big factor when it comes to landing jumps or clearing doubles. How can riders develop a good sense of timing and speed?
  • Why is it easier to ride a technical feature once you’ve seen someone else ride it first?
  • What are some common bad habits when it comes to technical trail descending?
  • Beyond improving physical fitness, are there skills that can make climbing on the bike more tolerable?
  • Do you have any tips for helping riders overcome their fear of trying something new? How does that advice change for someone recovering from a traumatic crash?

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