How to Fuel for Mountain Biking, According to a Registered Dietitian

How does pre-race fueling work? What is a "flexible eating style"? We spoke with nutrition expert and endurance athlete Alex Larson to find out.
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Alex Larson is a registered dietitian and multi-sport athlete who helps endurance athletes optimize nutrition and performance. She’s written multiple nutrition guides and offers customized nutrition coaching services to athletes around the world.

  • Do athleticism and nutrition go hand in hand? Are athletes generally healthy eaters by nature?
  • What is a “flexible eating style”? Are restrictive diets sometimes harmful?
  • How does pre-race fueling work? 
  • Is nutrition drastically different for training vs. racing?
  • Is it more challenging for athletes to maintain a healthy gut than non-athletes?
  • What types of things can cause gut issues for athletes during a workout? 
  • Are there signs that nutrition is holding us back from fitness gains?
  • What have you learned about nutrition from your own training?
  • With summer approaching, should athletes adjust their diet based on the season? 
  • Does an individual’s nutrition plan look different for different sports?
  • Do you recommend an app for tracking daily nutrition or a food journal?
  • If I eat the wrong thing after a race, is that going to have a big effect on my future performance?
  • What’s one simple step mountain bikers can take to improve their nutrition?

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