In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, I talk about an extremely hot mountain biking ride from a few years ago that could have ended in disaster, if not for a trailside call to 911 and a rescue from the local volunteer fire department. Aaron also talks about his own heat-related emergency during this year’s Off Road Assault on Mount Mitchell mountain bike race.

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  • jpancoast

    After talking to SEVERAL riders on Monarch Crest this summer that had run out of water (I didn’t, luckily) Some friends reminded me of the lifestraw type water filters. I’m going to purchase one and carry it for most of my riding from now on.

    I do tend to ride alone a lot. While it’s not perfect I do try to stick to well traveled trails in case something happens. I also carry a ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon on a lot of rides, although I’m considering getting a SPOT, one of the ones that will allow me to text the family if I’m delayed for some reason other than being injured.

  • mtbmike509

    The longer i listed to this podcast the more and more thirsty I got. I usually listen to them in the car and almost had to pull over for a drink mid commute. Thanks for sharing your lessons learned.

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