Gear up, because we’re about to cover a lot of ground. In this episode, we talk about 1X vs. 2X configurations, gearing, and performance. Not only that, we talk about electronic shifting, oval chainrings, belt-driven drivetrains, and internally geared setups.

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    So I just listened to this and was curious which oval ring manufacturers are claiming more power? I’ve seen claims of more consistent power, which is more important when you have a 1x drivetrain, or even a single speed application like I’ve been running. I have definitely noticed a difference, and a friend who borrowed my bike one weekend couldn’t figure out why my bike felt so much different than what he was used to (I didn’t tell him until later).

  • bikerjames

    Great pod cast.
    My 20012 Epic Expert Carbon frame cracked 2 x so Specialized graceously replaced it with a 2016 World Cup Epic. I had to go to a 1x and the shop put an oval 32 on front with ??(Sun something cassette) 10 x 42 on the back. I am not the strongest climber. Should I suggest a 28 or 30 crank with 11 x 46? (you guys were not too up on the oval). Also MBA just reviewed the “Oneup Shark 50 compatible with M7000 and M8000 11-42 Shimano cassettes and includes a Shark cage compatible with M7,8, and 9000 GS and SGS derailleurs claiming the longer cage allows for more pulley offset to reach the larger gear. Also requires long chain and some ?#*^ about the B-screw being hard to adjust. This is starting to sound like complicated. I just need (w/o an e bike) good gearing to power a week end warrior up hills in NC and Ga. What are your thoughts. Thanks, James

    • Jeff Barber

      Without knowing you or how you ride, it’s tough to say whether a 30 or 28 will work better. For most riders running 1×11, a 32T chainring is just fine so if you want something a little easier, the 30T could be a good choice.

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