Empowering Youth in Gallup and the Navajo Nation Through Bikes and Coffee [Podcast #255]

Scott Nydam and Vincent Salabye talk about a mountain bike program in Gallup, New Mexico designed to reach Native American youth.
photo: bicylecofee.org

On this Episode

Scott Nydam is a longtime bike racer who has been inspired to start a NICA program for youth in Gallup, New Mexico. The city borders the Navajo reservation, and Nydam hopes to create numerous opportunities for native kids, both in Gallup and on the reservation.

Vincent Salabye is the Diné comp NICA team head coach and board president of Silver Stallion bicycle and coffee works.  He’s also a father of two kids and lives on the Navajo reservation.

The nonprofit Scott and Vincent support recently received a grant from the Outride Fund.

In this episode we talk about the challenges facing folks living on the reservation and how mountain biking fits in with efforts to serve the community.

For more information visit bicyclecoffee.org and the Diné NICA team’s fundraising page here.

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