New Lifetime Warranty on 2021 Mavic Carbon Wheels

The allure of carbon fiber rims grows as most brands are now offering lifelong warranties. While alloy rims can be repaired and recycled, and they are far less expensive, free replacements are certainly enticing.

Mavic is now offering a full lifetime warranty with all sets of carbon-rimmed mountain bike and road wheels. The coverage applies to original owners who register their Mavic gear on the company’s service page within two months from the purchase date. All wheels in the 2021 product range, which was released on September 1st, 2020, are eligible.

According to the Mavic website, “All these guarantees cover material and manufacturing defects which would appear during normal use of the product, with the exception of so-called ‘wear’ parts.”

The French brand will uphold its prior crash replacement policies, and will offer a 30% discount on replacement gear for any product that’s outside its warranty or is no longer suppported with replacement parts.

Could a lifetime warranty pull you toward carbon fiber rims? Les us know in the comments.

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