ENVE Announces Most Affordable Wheels Yet, Adds Lifetime Warranty on all Components

ENVE has extended its parts replacement warranty to the lifetime of the original owner, no questions asked, and added a more affordable wheelset.
If this happens, you’re covered. Photo: Matt Miller

Last week ENVE Composites announced that they will extend warranties on carbon components to the full lifetime of the original owner, regardless of how a component is broken. Whether you send a gap into the wrong rock, or drive your bike into a shallow parking garage, ENVE will replace their part of the damaged parts pile free of charge.

ENVE’s former warranty covered their products for 5 years from the date of purchase, and this recent shift puts their goods-guarantee in line with that of other carbon component companies like We Are One Composites. The Ogden, Utah, based carbon manufacturer says, “Damaged ENVE product will be replaced at no cost. Parts, labor, and return shipping covered by ENVE.” This is a “no questions asked” policy, provided you can prove that you are the original owner.

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So, essentially you have a lifetime wheelset, provided that the hubs, spokes, and nipples endure, and wheel standards don’t make any drastic changes — which never happens, right? The words “lifetime” and “no questions asked” could make this one of the most affordable wheelsets out there for folks who crack a lot of carbon. Product registration after purchase is still highly recommended.

ENVE M Series rims with Industry Nine 101 hubs

Photo: ENVE Composites

Wait, a $2,100 ENVE wheelset? Since when?

ENVE is now offering a third hub option with their M-Series carbon rims laced around Industry Nine’s recently released 101 hubs. Full builds will retail for $2,100 with the 101 hubs, alongside a $2,550 build with I9 Hydra hubs, and $3,000 with Chris King colors at the center.

The I9 101 hubs come in 24-32 spoke options, 6-bolt or centerlock rotor mounts, with HG, Microspline, and XD1 freehubs. The Boost-only hubs have their own 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and are available in black.

For more information, visit the ENVE website.