New Sidi Tiger 2 XC Shoes are Priced at a Cool $550

Italian cycling and moto footwear brand, Sidi, has a new version of their top cross-country shoe called the Tiger 2. The ultra light and stiff kicks are available in black or sage, from size 42 to 46 in half-size increments.

The Tiger 2 upper is a mix of breathable mesh and a microfiber that Sidi calls TechPro, reportedly designed to be antibacterial and to reduce water absorption. The full carbon sole is said to reduce weight compared to the previous Tiger model, and the tread cleats are replaceable as they always have been on this shoe.

The upper is cinched tight with a pair of rotary adjusters, and the heel tension can be adjusted with a pair of small screws located on either side of the heel retention system.

The Tiger 2 retails for $549.99 from your local Sidi dealer and at

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