New 2021 Sidi Gravel Biking Shoes

Sidi has a new pair of gravel shoes in their lineup for 2021. What exactly makes “gravel shoes” different from sleek cross country shoes? We have the same question.

The Sidi Gravel Shoe uses a single Tecno 3 Precision ratchet dial to cinch the Politex Suede upper, tightly around your foot. This element should drop a few grams and may set the pair apart from MTB shoes slightly, as mountain bike kicks often use a secondary retention system to dial in the fit at different points on the foot. Sidi says that the tall reinforced heel cup offers “superior fit, power transfer and reduces heel slip.”

Finally, the shoes are finished off with an abrasion-resistant toe cap to keep them pedaling through a few seasons.

The brand’s MTB Competition Soles on the new shoes are said to offer good traction off the bike, and they’re compatible with toe spikes should riders want to wear them in a cyclocross race or muddy mountain bike ride. Unlike the cleats on some Sidi shoes these do not appear to be replaceable.

The Sidi Gravel Shoe comes in brown and dark green for $239.99.

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