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Business in the front and party in the back, or is it the other way around? Professional riders and weekend warriors alike have been testing different wheel sizes to see what’s fastest over the past few seasons, and Mullet Cycles has taken those “frankenbikes” a step further by designing their new Ti Honeymaker around the mixed wheel platform. The folks at Mullet Cycles have done their due diligence with this design, and you can peruse some of their findings below.

The Ti Honeymaker stock builds look ready for some burly trail riding.

The chart below demonstrates the improved turning radius that the mixed wheel platform provides. “When wheels are symmetrical the Scrub Radius and Force Vectors (a measurable arch) is negatively increased. Force Vectors applied on symmetrical wheels are increased as center line pull forces are decreased. On mixed wheeled platforms, forces are positively decreased. In addition to this, anti-tip properties are benefited and BB levels can be significantly improved.”

The brand claims that the mixed platform also offers “maximized pedal-power efficiency while still maintaining the safest descending position” and “limits the Push/Pull [effect] when entering, holding, and exiting corners.” You can learn more about their 29″/27.5″ tech mashup on the Mullet webpage.

The bike’s elevated chainstays resemble those of a Marzek Phoenix frame and should give the bike a quiet ride.

Titanium Homeymaker framesets are available for $1,599. Complete builds retail for $3,999, with Industry 9 wheels, a 140mm RockShox Pike fork, Box drivetrain, Magura brakes, Magura Vyron wireless dropper post, Rotor cranks, and an Incredibell Lolo installed. 

Mullet has yet to release their geometry table, but they claim that the small, medium, and large Ti Honeymaker will fit riders from 5’2″ to 6’4″. Stay tuned for news on additional new frames from the brand in the coming months.

Clean cold Titanium

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    • IT_Juggler

      Bringing back the 1980’s for sure. I had a Cannondale with a 24″ rear and 26″ front back in ’85 or so.

  • Plusbike Nerd

    I’ve always loved raised chainstay bikes. Wasn’t the original raised chainstay bike called the Mantis? No problems with chain slap! I want one just because of how cool it looks. However, I’m not sold on the mixed wheel thing.

  • krepicride

    Actually, Alex…True story: Without the original founder of Mullet Cycles bringing up the idea to Brent Foes, the Foes Mixer line would have never existed. And, I’m sure glad this collaboration happened as my personal Foes Mixer is my current go-to. You are correct that these guys are not just jumping on the bandwagon, IMHO—they’re just perfecting it. And, I also would not mind adding another mixed wheel model from Mullet Cycles. I very much look forward to it.

    • John Fisch

      Not only did Mike Vidovich bring the idea to Foes, he brought the actual design and geometry as well.

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