Mountain biking is the next … Golf?

old_golfers.jpgAccording to an article from New Zealand, mountain biking and cycling in general are becoming more popular with riders of all ages – leading one bike shop owner to agree that “cycling is the new golf.” The article goes on to say that cycling has alot of positives – it’s good for the environment, builds fitness, and reduces stress. Oh yeah, plus it’s fun, which the article doesn’t seem to mention.

In my opinion, golf doesn’t really compare to mountain biking (shocking, I know). I mean, maintaining lush private courses for golfing isn’t great for the environment (fertilizer run off, wasted water resources, etc.) and for most people, golf isn’t really a “fitness” activity (unless of course you count walking the course exercise, most people just opt for a cart). The stress thing might be true but alot of people get really frustrated when they aren’t playing their best. Entertainment value is arguable, though your adrenaline is rarely pumped in a round of golf.

One reason I prefer mountain biking to golf (other than the fact that I suck at golf) is that you don’t have to pay every time you ride. Nope, no greens fees at most local trails and you don’t even need a tee time.

Mountain biking is becoming more popular no doubt but that might change if we start comparing it to golf. Maybe mountain biking could be the next NASCAR?

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