For those who haven’t heard, Brent Thomson, trail builder and Trailmaster for the IMBA-Epic Bootleg Canyon trail system outside Las Vegas, had a heart attack while riding the trail last week and underwent emergency quadruple bypass surgery just last night. As Trailmaster at Bootleg Canyon Brent doesn’t receive health care coverage by his employer (Boulder City) and he’s gonna need some help paying his medical bills (estimated to be in the “hundreds of thousands”).

Industry folks are organizing to raise funds for Brent and you can help out by donating via Paypal. Times are tough for everyone but this is a great opportunity to help out someone who has done so much for mountain biking over the years.

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  • Mongoose

    I’ll help as much as I can, though times are real tough these days, but this is well worth it to me. Thanks guys for bringing this to our attention.

  • AK_Dan

    Wow, sorry to hear about Mr Thomson, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Although Boulder City is real close to Vegas it doesn’t surprise me that the city dept doesn’t have health coverage, or maybe there were other reasons he didn’t qualify for the insurance- whatever. Boulder City is actually a very small community over the hill from Vegas. Bootleg Canyon is an amazing network of trails ranging into all technical levels and must take phenomenal amount of work to build & maintain. This man truly gives to the mountain biking community, Im sure any help sent back to him now would be greatly appreciated.

  • zendog

    Is there a 5013C set up so that charitable foundations could dontate? Maybe through the City of Boulder. That guy did a fantastic job on Bootleg Canyon. One of the best places I’ve ever ridden.

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