Yeti ASR 5 Interbike Test Ride


The Yeti ASR 5 is brand new this year (not even on the Yeti website yet) and marks a bit of a departure from the 575 and ASR 7 models. The ASR 5 is still hand-built by Yeti in Colorado and boasts spectacular craftsmanship just look at those welds and signature tube shapes!


The rear axle on the ASR 5 is both quick release and 10mm through axle compatible. A 10mm through axle offers a little extra stiffness over a 12mm axle PLUS its much easier to line up when youre mounting the rear wheel. Good call.


During my test ride I had a hard time getting the rear shock dialed in for climbing and the large sized bike felt a little too short for my 63 height. But once I got to the top of the hill, the ASR 5 felt like a nimble, aggressive downhill bike and the 5 of travel felt more like seven. Riding the dips in Bootleg Canyon was like riding a wave which makes the shape of the top tube all the more appropriate.

Yeti has a full line of cool bikes for 2010 and well be sure to bring you more info from the show later this week.

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