WTB Dissent 2.5 DH Mountain Bike Tire Review

The Dissent 2.5 mountain bike tire from WTB is a beefy DH/FR-specific tire that’s built tough to withstand the gnarliest conditions. The 2010 model I tested features wider tread block spacing than previous generations in an effort to improve performance in moist, wet, and loose conditions – perfect for the trails I ride in BC. I previewed these tires last year and now I’m ready to share my full-on review.

The Ride

I tested the WTB Dissent tires on the rocky, rooty, unforgiving trails of the North Shore and Whistler. The trails here are the ideal proving ground for a DH tire due to the variability in terrain. I mounted these tires to WTB Laserdisc DH wheels, set the pressure to 32 psi rear and 28 psi front, and hit the trails.

The first thing I noticed was the volume of these tires. The Dissents are much bigger than other 2.5 tires on the market and barely fit into the back of my Banshee Legend MK II frame – both height- and width-wise. That extra volume was much appreciated at the Whistler Bike Park (WBP), where these tires excelled (in fact WTB says the tire was “designed around the demanding conditions of the WBP”). On the dry, dusty, hardpacked trails of the WBP, the Dissent 2.5s were supple, rolled fast, and never flatted once. Traction on hardpack was excellent, both in braking and cornering. These tires showed minimal wear after numerous days, a rarity among soft compound DH tires. Unfortunately, I found the Dissents didn’t perform quite as well when the trails got wet.

On the wet, rooty, and loose trails of the North Shore I didn’t get as much traction out of the Dissents as I would have liked. Despite the increased tread spacing compared to the 2009 design, these tires still tend to pack up with mud in certain conditions, causing the tire to break loose prematurely on steep descents, roots, and corners. Also, watch the tire pressure in areas with sharp rock – I flatted after landing wrong on a rock after a steep section during one of my rides. Fortunately the nylon sidewall insert adds rigidity and some flat protection but riders should always check their tire pressure before every ride.

The Verdict

If youre looking for a dry conditions tire that delivers outstanding performance on rough, hard-packed, summer bike park trails, I wholeheartedly recommend the WTB Dissent 2.5. It grips well, rides smooth, and wears slowly in these conditions. Overall performance takes a bit of a hit when things get wet or loamy but for a summer tire, its hard to beat the WTB Dissent 2.5.

Thanks to the folks at WTB for providing the Dissent 2.5 tires for testing.