WTB Adds 29mm Width Option to Frequency and KOM Rims


The new adage when it comes to MTB rims, “wider is better,” just got another endorsement from WTB. The company announced their popular Frequency and KOM rims are now available in 29mm inner width configurations, for both 29er and 27.5 hoops. In keeping with WTB’s naming scheme, these rim options will be called i29. The Frequency rims are available in widths starting at a skinny 19mm, while the KOM rims start at 21mm.

So what’s the advantage of wider rims? For starters, wide rims work better with wide tires, and with many riders opting for 2.3-inch and wider tires these days, it only makes sense to offer rims that match evolving tire preferences. Wider rims also increase a given tire’s contact patch with the ground and decrease sidewall height, improving stability. Will wider rims and tires make you faster? No, they’ll actually slow you down, but at least you’ll have more fun while you’re out there!

To be clear, the new i29 versions of the Frequency and KOM rims are not meant for plus bikes or plus bike tires. Rather, these are rims that should fit standard 27.5 and 29er bikes while providing a better experience when running wide tires.

Pricing is set at $99.95 for the Frequency i29 rims and $84.95 for KOM i29 rims.

* Note: Photo above shows i25 versions of the rims, not the newest i29 widths.