What to do with a broken Garmin eTrex Vista?

192-1173215345.jpgWell after a couple years of faithful service, my eTrex Vista GPS finally recorded its last waypoint. I called Garmin to see about a repair (out of warranty of course) and they quoted me a flate rate of $125, about $25 less than a new one on Amazon. Naturally I didn’t take the offer but I’m faced with a quandary – what do I do with a broken GPS unit?

I inquired about recycling but Garmin wasn’t interested in taking back their broken junk. If the repair would have cost $50 or so I would have done it since I could use a backup but these days things are just cheaper to repair than to replace. Anyone have any ideas? Any way to use the components in some kind of mad scientist-style GPS tracking device? That would be sweet…

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